Inlägget gjort

Political persecution

At the turn of the year Swedbank ceased providing their service for our company without any reasonable explanation. Prior to that the payment service Klarna and the e-commerce companie Shopify did the same and now we’ve been given the same treatment by our new banks Nordea and Collector.

We always strive to improve our services in relation to our customers. An example of this was providing the possibility to pay with an invoice, installments, and the mobile payment service known as Swish.

Our first setback came approximately a month ago from Collector when they informed us that our collection of clothing violates their policies. Any explanation as to why or what policy our collection violated was not given.

The next setback came on the 17th of July when Nordea was going to install Swish on our site. The explanation was the same: our collection violated their policy. In an attempt to justify this politically motivated persecution we were given the somewhat strange explanation that Nordea doesn’t provide Swish for companies that sell health foods. We’re not exactly sure why that’s relevant. The conversation with Nordea then abruptly ended with the sole explanation that Thor Steinar isn’t allowed at German fotball games and that Nordea doesn’t allow health foods.

What part of our collection is disapproved of? We’ve primarily received fuzzy explanations referring to what the left-wing site Wikipedia has written about some of our brands for example that Thor Steinar isn’t allowed at German football games. It’s unclear what German football has to do with Swedish market. What’s clear is that societal criticism from the ”wrong” side is not allowed.

It’s obvious to us that we do not live in a free society and that it is perfectly acceptable to harass and prevent companies who stray from the status quo from doing business. The fact that this is done in such a nonchalant fashion by all the parties involved is frightening – North Korea would approve of this treatment.

We are deeply sorry that this affects our customers in the long run. The reason we are expanding payment options is to make it easier for you to purchase our clothing so that we can continue to improve and expand our collection.

We will continue to provide products from Thor Steinar, European Brotherhood, among others. We will not let someone else set up guidelines for what we can and cannot sell.

We will never cave in and we now ask for your support and understanding.

Nordic Wear